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Arm Socrates significantly reduces the time to select, configure and create Arm IP that is error free and ready for SoC integration.

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Intelligent interconnect construction and configuration of Arm IP

CoreLink interconnect creation

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Modern system interconnects are highly configurable IP blocks that need to connect across multiple power and voltage domains to maximize SoC connectivity. Some of the problems facing interconnect design teams today include:

  • SoCs are getting larger, with more components and greater connectivity.
  • SoCs are composed of modular subsystems that bring reuse and timing closure issues.
  • Interconnect backplane must offer multiple services:
    • Lowest latency from CPU to memory
    • QoS guarantees
    • Coherency
    • Virtualization
    • Clock and power management

Socrates addresses all of these issues and guides architects and designers through the configuration and creation of an optimized and viable CoreLink Interconnect. Socrates generates the interconnect µarchitecture, stitches it together, and validates the top level interconnect. Architects and designers can start with the high-level specification, generate the µArchitecture, and create the deliverables (RTL, design specification, testbench, and testcases). Architects and designers can visualize each stage of the design as well as validate the viability and quality using design rule checks.

CoreLink creation vastly reduces the time needed to implement and validate a complex on-chip AMBA® interconnect – down from several months to weeks.

Arm Socrates IP Tooling helps system designers to select and intelligently configure Arm IP, reducing the time to achieve integration ready IP to hours instead of days.

Socrates IP Tooling enables hardware, software, and verification teams to get the system performance they expect - through Arm IP that is configured, built, and integrated right first time. It is the only fully integrated solution for use with Arm System IP.

Socrates IP Tooling  simplifies the configuration of Arm CoreLink System IP. Automatically create a CoreLink interconnect that is right first time.

Internal benchmarking has shown an 8x improvement in schedule when design teams use Socrates IP Tooling for the first time!

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Arm IP selection configuration and build in minutes

Socrates includes the Arm IP catalog, which helps users select Arm IP and guides them through a construction, configuration and build in minutes.

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