Open Source Software


Arm is an active contributor to a large number of open source projects and initiatives to enable new hardware capabilities and optimize performance. Projects span across a large range of domains including mobile, embedded, Internet of Things, networking, infrastructure and cloud computing.

Arm also contributes to standards organizations and initiatives and sponsors a number of conferences and community events to help shape the future of open source software and support the ecosystem.

This new Developer website brings together information about the open source software work that Arm is involved in, either for projects maintained by Arm and projects Arm contributes to. Each project has its own specific section, collecting news, technical guides, engagement opportunities and much more.

Arm works closely with Linaro, which is the collaborative forum that brings together industry and open source developers to work on key projects and tools, reduce fragmentation and redundant effort, and provide common software foundations optimized for Arm IP and platforms.

If you are interested in any of the projects described here and you would like to join Arm in making them better, check out our openings in the Arm career site.

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