Reference software stacks for Cortex-A and Neoverse platforms

For Cortex-A and Neoverse Infrastructure platforms we provide integrated Linux and/or Android software stacks:

  • Mobile focused systems include: SCP Firmware, Trusted Firmware-A and U-Boot ports. They support an ACK (Android Common Kernel) based AOSP distribution with graphics support.
  • Infrastructure focused systems include: SCP Firmware, Trusted-Firmware-A and EDK II UEFI ports. They support a Grub loaded Distro (e.g. Fedora Enterprise) based on an upstream Linux kernel. Booting multiple instances of a guest OS with Linux KVM and LKVM tool is also supported.
  • All systems support a basic Linux boot to a Busybox ramdisk filesystem.

The complete software stack is updated and tested as part of a quarterly release and made available to build from source.

What platforms are supported?

Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) models

FVPs are complete simulations of an Arm system, including processor, memory and peripherals. These provide a "programmer's view" suitable for software development.

  • Base v8-A FVP: A generic architecture model supporting the latest Arm v8-A architecture features. Available to download free of charge, does not require a license.
  • Reference Design and System Guidance FVPs: Example SoC configurations using the latest Arm IP, targeted at specific markets or applications.

Juno development board

The Juno development board is an open, vendor-neutral, Armv8-A development platform

How do I access the Cortex-A and Neoverse software stacks?

The software is available to build from sources or as prebuilt binaries. Components are based on tagged commits (held in a manifest file) from upstream repositories or Linaro hosted staging repositories. We provide a Python workspace script which automates setting up a suitable development environment. Use the "Get Started" link below to find the relevant instructions.

Platforms Software on Arm's Connected Community

Instructions and FAQs for downloading and working with our reference software stacks are hosted on Arm's Community pages.

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