Reference software stacks for Cortex-A and Neoverse platforms

For Cortex-A and Neoverse Infrastructure platforms we provide integrated Linux software stacks. These are based around Open Source firmware projects: SCP Firmware, Trusted-Firmware-A and U-boot or EDK II  ports. They demonstrate boot into a basic ramdisk filesystem or Distro environment.

The complete software stack is updated and integration tested as part of a regular maintenance cadence and made available to build from source.

What platforms are supported?

Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) models

FVPs are complete simulations of an Arm system, including processor, memory and peripherals. These provide a "programmer's view" suitable for software development.

  • Base v-A AEM FVP is a generic architecture model supporting the latest Arm v-A architecture features.
  • Ecosystem FVPs provide example SoC configurations using the latest Arm IP, targeted at specific markets or applications.

Development boards

Juno is an open, vendor-neutral, Armv8-A development platform

N1SDP is a Neoverse N1 based development platform

How do I access the reference software stacks?

Instructions for working with our reference software stacks are hosted in the associated software repositories.

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