Enabling Linux in Safety Applications

Arm are a founding member of the ELISA project, which aims to brings the worlds of Open Source Software and Safety Critical deployments together

The mission of the Enabling Linux In Safety Applications (ELISA) project is to make it easier for companies to build and certify Linux-based safety-critical applications – systems whose failure could result in loss of human life, significant property damage or environmental damage. ELISA members are working together to define and maintain a common set of tools and processes that can help companies demonstrate that a Linux-based system meets the necessary safety requirements for certification.

As the software in our Automotive and Autonomous systems becomes increasingly complex, the trend in the industry is to rely more on the wealth of preexisting code within the Open Source domain.  Enabling commercial software vendors to focus on building their unique products rather than solving non-differentiating problems.  With Arm investing in the ELISA project, we are helping bridge the gap between Proof of Concept (PoC) and Deployment systems, enabling the Arm partners to make maximum use of the Arm partnerships investment in Open Source Software.

ELISA project