Enabling autonomous driving technology for everyone

The Autoware Foundation is a nonprofit organisation supporting open-source projects enabling self-driving mobility.

Arm have joined the Autoware foundation as a founding member.  Autoware forms a good mix of research focused development and a commercially viable deployment strategy that enables Arm to develop the correct Software and IP to meet the needs of our Autonomous future.

The original Autoware project build on ROS 1.  Launched as a research and development platform for autonomous driving technology for researchers, developers and students interested in autonomous driving technology.

An interface project for Autoware to be extended with proprietary software and third-party libraries in a reliable manner. Examples include device drivers for sensors, by-wire controllers for vehicles, and hardware-dependency programs for SoC boards.

Autoware reimagined, it is based on ROS 2.  Managed by an open source community manager, it applies best-in-class software engineering practices and is based on a redesigned architecture.