Trusted Firmware-M

Secure Firmware for Arm v7-M and v8-M Systems

Reference Implementation of Platform Security Architecture


Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) was launched at Linaro Connect, Hongkong in March 2018. TF-M is being developed as an Open Source project under an Open Governance Model under

TF-M provides a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for Arm v7-M and v8-M devices. For v8-M devices, it leverages, Arm TrustZone technology. It is the reference implementation of Platform Security Architecture (PSA). PSA is a recipe for building secure connected devices from analysis to implementation. PSA consists of four elements - Threat models and Security Analyses, Architecture Specifications, Open Source Reference Implementation (TF-M) and Certify. 

TF-M provides a highly configurable set of software components to create a Trusted Execution Environment. This is achieved by a set of secure run time services such as Secure Storage, Cryptography, Attestation etc. Additionally, secure boot in TF-M ensures integrity of Run time Software and supports firmware upgrade.

All the relevant content about TF-M can be found at these locations:

 The design discussions are openly done in TF-M Mailing list. Roadmap, Introductory Videos etc. can be found in the TF-M Dashboard. 

TF-M implements PSA Specifications and APIs that can be found here.