Secure Firmware for Arm v7-M and v8-M systems

Reference Implementation of Platform Security Architecture


Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) is being developed as an Open Source project under an Open Governance Model, learn more at Trusted Firmware: open source Secure world software.

TF-M provides a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for Arm v7-M and v8-M devices. For Arm v8-M devices, TF-M leverages Arm TrustZone technology, and is the reference implementation of platform security architecture aligning with PSA Certified guidelines.

TF-M provides a highly configurable set of software components to create a Trusted Execution Environment. TF-M achieves this environment with a set of Secure runtime services like Secure storage, cryptography, and attestation. Secure boot in TF-M ensures integrity of runtime software and supports firmware upgrades.

The following diagram shows an example system of TF-M implementation:

TrustedFirmware-M block diagram

You can find TF-M content at these locations:

Design discussions happen openly in the TF-M mailing list. The TF-M roadmap, introductory videos, and other material are in the TF-M Dashboard.

View the Platform Security Architecture specifications and APIs that TF-M implements:

View PSA


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