Set up your license

Use the following instructions to add your license to your system installations:

If you are using the Arm Allinea Studio tools on a cloud compute provider:

  • For a named user license, follow the same steps in Add a named user license
  • For a floating license, you must:
    1. Install Arm Licence Server on your host machine, or another suitable license server location.
      You must ensure that the license server can be contacted by your cloud session instance.
    2. Contact Arm Support and tell them the MAC address of your license server. Arm Support will provide you with two license files: a server license file, and a client license file.
    3. Add your server license file to your Arm Licence Server installation. For more information, see the Add a new license topic in the Arm Licence Server User Guide.
    4. Edit your client license file and add the 'hostname' where you have installed Arm Licence Server.
    5. In your cloud instance, navigate to where you installed Arm Compiler for Linux and create a directory called licenses. For a default installation, Arm Compiler for Linux is installed in the /opt/arm directory.
    6. Copy your client license file to /<install-dir>/licenses.
    7. (Optional) Arm Forge searches for individual licenses in its installation directory.

      If you have a separate floating license for Arm Forge, you will need to copy that license to the /licenses/ directory in the Arm Forge installation location.

      If you do not have a separate license file for Arm Forge, to enable the Arm Allinea Studio client license to be found, you must set the ARM_LICENSE_DIR environment variable to /<install-dir>/licenses.
      export ARM_LICENSE_DIR=/<install-dir>/licenses
    8. To enable Arm Licence Server to detect the new floating license, restart Arm Licence Server.

To learn more about how to install and use Arm Licence Server, see the Arm Licence Server User Guide.

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