Describes how to uninstall Arm Compiler for Linux and the Arm Forge packages.

Arm Compiler for Linux

For convenience, the Arm Compiler for Linux package includes a script that can be used to uninstall it, uninstall.sh. This script is located in:


Run this script to uninstall all the packages supplied as part of this suite.

This script attempts to uninstall all the components supplied as part of Arm Compiler for Linux. However, if other packages outside of this product
depend on the GCC component, GCC will not be uninstalled.


For versions of Arm Compiler for Linux 19.3 or earlier:

  • Components depended on by other packages must be manually uninstalled.
  • If you use the --install-to option provided by the installer,you will need to uninstall the packages by manually removing their directories.

If you require support when uninstalling any version of Arm Compiler for Linux, contact support-hpc-sw@arm.com.

Arm Forge

To uninstall Arm Forge, delete the installation directory.

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