The Arm Allinea Studio tool suite provides a complete solution for developing server and HPC applications on Arm hardware. It includes:

  • Arm C/C++/Fortran Compiler
  • Arm Performance Libraries
  • Arm Forge (Arm DDT, Arm MAP, and Arm Performance Reports)

You must have a license to use these tools.

License types

Type Attributes Description
Named User
  • Locked to a specific UNIX username, and a specific node.
  • One seat per user.
  • User can run any number of instances of the compiler on a single node.
  • Managed by one client license file.
Choose this license type to enable individual users to work on small applications on their local laptops or workstations.

Named User licenses do not require Arm Licence Server.
  • Server-hosted license.
  • One seat per user, per node.
  • Managed by two license files, one local to the client, one on the license server.
Choose this license type to enable a team of developers to work on a fleet of workstations or a supercomputer.

Floating licenses require you to download and install Arm Licence Server.
  • Free seven day license.
  • Named User license only.

Choose this license type to use with your free seven day trial of Arm Allinea Studio. 

Evaluation licenses do not require Arm Licence Server.

Arm Allinea Studio license network topology

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