Adding a named user license for Arm Allinea Studio

This topic describes how to set up a named user license for Arm Allinea Studio.

If you need to set up a floating license, see Setting up a floating license for Arm Allinea Studio instead.

Before you begin


  1. Create a directory called licenses in the /opt/arm/ directory.
  2. Copy your license file to the /opt/arm/licenses directory.
    • If you choose to put the license file in a different location, you must set the ARM_LICENSE_DIR environment variable to point to it:

      export ARM_LICENSE_DIR=/opt/arm/licenses
      For more information, see Changing the license file location.
    • Do not edit the contents of the license file because doing so might prevent the license from working.
  3. Arm Forge and Arm Performance Reports search for individual licenses in their specific installation directories. If you are using an Arm Allinea Studio license and you are not using separate licenses for these tools, set the ALLINEA_LICENSE_DIR environment variable to point these tools to your Arm Allinea Studio license.

    export ALLINEA_LICENSE_DIR=/opt/arm/licenses

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