Change the license file location

This topic describes how to specify a custom license location, instead of the default, when you Add a named user license for Arm Allinea Studio or Set up a floating license for Arm Allinea Studio.

Before you begin

  • A named user license, is a single file supplied by Arm.
  • A floating license includes two files: Server license file (Licence.<license number>), and client license file (Licence).
  • Server license file names must begin with License, or the variant spelling Licence.
  • License file names are not case sensitive.
  • You can append unique identifiers to license file names for storing multiple licenses in the same directory. For example, add the server license serial number, license.server.1234, or include client in the client license name, license.client.5678.


  1. Copy the license file to a custom directory location.
  2. Configure the ARM_LICENSE_DIR environment variable to find the custom license location.
    Note: ALLINEA_LICENSE_DIR is still supported and can be used instead of ARM_LICENSE_DIR.
    • If you only have an Arm Allinea Studio license (not a separate license specifically for Arm Forge), set ARM_LICENSE_DIR to the custom Arm Allinea Studio license directory:
      export ARM_LICENSE_DIR=</path/to/arm-allinea-studio-lic-dir>
    • If you have both an Arm Forge-specific license and an Arm Allinea Studio license, Arm recommends storing both licenses in the same location, and setting ARM_LICENSE_DIR to the custom license directory that contains both licenses:
      export ARM_LICENSE_DIR=</path/to/shared-lic-dir>
    • If you need to keep licenses for both Arm Forge and Arm Allinea Studio licenses, in separate locations:

      • When the Arm Forge license is stored in the default location (</path/to/forge-installation>/licenses), set ARM_LICENSE_DIR to the custom location of the Arm Allinea Studio license.
        export ARM_LICENSE_DIR=</path/to/arm-allinea-studio-lic-dir>
      • When the Arm Forge license and the Arm Allinea Studio licenses are both stored in separate custom locations, set ARM_LICENSE_DIR to look in both places, using a ':' colon separator. For example:
        export ARM_LICENSE_DIR=</path/to/arm-allinea-studio-lic-dir>:</path/to/arm-forge-lic-dir>

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