Install package

  1. Extract the downloaded package:

    tar -xvf <package_name>

    Replace <package_name> with the full name of the downloaded package.

  2. Change to the package directory to see the extracted files:

    cd <package_name>
  3. Run the installation script as a privileged user:

    su root Password: ******** ./<package_name>.sh

    Packages are unpacked to <install_dir>/opt/arm/<package_name>.

    Alternatively, if you do not have sudo rights or wish to install to a specific location, you can use the --install-to option:

    ./<package_name>.sh --install-to <install_dir>
    Note: This results in a user-only installation along with the relevant module files. The included helper script does not uninstall this type of installation.
  4. The installer displays the EULA and prompts you to agree to the terms. To agree, type 'yes' at the prompt.

Note: Arm recommends that you rebuild your MPI implementation (Open MPI, MVAPICH, MPICH) after each installation of a new version of Arm Compiler for Linux. This ensures that the Fortran interface incorporates any changes to the armflang module format, and that the correct run-time libraries are used.

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