The Arm Allinea Studio tool suite provides a full solution for developing HPC applications on Arm hardware. It includes:

  • Arm C/C++/Fortran Compiler
  • Arm Performance Libraries
  • Arm Forge
  • Arm Performance Reports

Arm Allinea Studio requires one license to run these tools.

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License types

Type Attributes Description
Named User
  • Locked to a specific UNIX username, and a specific node.
  • One seat per user.
  • User can run any number of instances of the compiler on a single node.
  • Managed by one client license file.
Choose this license type to restrict access to specific users.
  • Server-hosted license.
  • One seat per user, per node.
  • Managed by 2 license files, one local to the client, one on the license server.
Choose this license type to enable any logged-in users to access the tools.

Arm Allinea Studio network topology

Requesting a license

You can request a trial license or buy full licenses from Arm.

Request a license

Contact Arm support if you need more help or advice about the type of license you require.

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  • How do I set up a floating license?

    Find out how to set up a floating license with the Arm Licence Server.

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