Changing the license file location

This topic describes the steps for specifying a location which is different to the default when adding a named user license or setting up a floating server license for Arm Allinea Studio.


  • For a named user license, ensure that you have one file supplied by Arm.
  • For a floating license, ensure that you have two license files including the client license file and the server license file.
  • Ensure that you have suitable administrative permissions for performing these tasks on the target machines.


  1. Copy the license file to a directory of your choosing.
  2. Set the ARM_HPC_COMPILER_LICENSE_SEARCH_PATH environment variable to your chosen location.
    export ARM_HPC_COMPILER_LICENSE_SEARCH_PATH=$HOME/my-directory/licenses
  3. If you are using Arm Forge or Arm Performance Reports, and you do not have separate licenses for these tools, set the ALLINEA_LICENSE_DIR environment variable to point to your license.
    export ARM_LICENSE_DIR=$HOME/my-directory/licenses
  4. Notes:
    • Do not edit the contents of the license file because doing so might prevent the license from working.
    • The ALLINEA_LICENSE_DIR environment variable is still supported alongside the ARM_LICENSE_DIR environment variable.

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