Code Advisor features

Hints and advice regarding vectorization and inlining.

Combines static insights from the compiler with dynamic insights from run time libraries and sample-based profiling to produce actionable advice.

See performance information regarding code heat map, OpenMP information and much more.

Highly extensible through well-documented input and output plugin interfaces.


Information regarding Arm Code Advisor

Q: Which Linux distributions are supported?
Arm Code Advisor is supported on leading Linux distributions including Ubuntu 14.04+, RHEL 7.2+ and SUSE 12.

Q: Which Armv8-A SoCs are supported?
We support wide-range of Armv8-A SoCs including Cavium ThunderX, AppliedMicro X-Gene and AMD Opteron A1100. 

Q: Which web browsers are supported? 

Arm Code Advisor can be used with Google Chrome versions 53 and 54, Firefox version 50, Safari versions 9.2 and later.

Arm Code Advisor

Simple, actionable advice to tune your HPC application on Arm. Combines static and dynamic information to produce actionable insights.

Getting started

Introduction and demonstration

Arm Code Advisor provides an integrated workflow for HPC code analysis and improvement. This demonstration shows Arm Code Advisor providing actionable improvement advice and integrating with the Arm Instruction Emulator to benefit from the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) to Armv8 architecture.