armcadvisor collect

Gathers runtime data from a program.


armcadvisor collect [options] -- <command to collect>


armcadvisor collect --sample-hz 10000 -p -- ./interesting_program


    --armie Run the program through the Arm Instruction Emulator.
-b,  --backtraces
Enable the collection of backtrace information.
-p, --persistent Use persistent collection mode.
    --sample-hz uint Set the sample frequency in samples/second. The default is 1000.
-msve-vector-bits=uint Set the length of vector to use with Arm Instruction Emulator. The default is 256.

Options inherited from parent commands

-D, --debug Enable debug.
-x, --disable-plug-in [stringArray] Disable the named plugin, can be specified multiple times.
-l, --log-file [string] Set the log file. The default is "stderr".
    --log-level [string] Set the log level (error, warn, info, debug). The default is "warn".
-r, --repository [string] Specify the location of the collect repository. The default is "/home/user/.armcadvisor/profiles".
-V, --version Print the version.

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