armcadvisor display

Displays advice generated by the analyze command on the command line interface.


armcadvisor display [advice file] [options]


-a, --all
Display everything
        --category regexList Filter issues by category (default *)
        --csv Output in CSV format (as described in RFC 4180)
        --description regexList Filter issues by description (default *)
-f, --files Display just the files
        --impact (>int, <int, =int, >=int, <=int) Filter issues by impact (eg: --impact ">=3") (default >=0)
-i, --issues Display just the issues
        --json Output in JSON format
        --location regexList Filter issues by location (default *)
        --pretty Output in pretty format (default)
        --require-source Require source file to be available
        --sort string Sort issues by impact or filename in either ascending or descending order; specify as
(impact|filename)-(asc|desc) (default "impact-desc")
-s, --summary Display just the plugin summaries
        --title regexList Filter issues by title (default *)
        --type regexList Filter issues by type (default *)

Options inherited from parent commands

-D, --debug Enable debug
-l, --log-file [string] Set the log file (default "stderr")
    --log-level [int] Set the log level (default 1)
-r, --repository [string] Specify the location of the collect repository (default "/home/user/armcadvisor-profiles")
-V, --version Print the version

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