Configuring plug-in behavior

Use a configuration file setting or an environment variable to control the behavior of plug-ins. To view your current configuration settings, use armcadvisor config query. See Configuring Arm Code Advisor for instructions on how to create configuration file.

Configuration file setting Environment variable Description Default setting
InstallPluginDir  $ARMCADVISOR_PLUGINS_INSTALL_PLUGIN_DIR Location of Arm built-in Code Advisor plug-ins  <install_location>/support/plugins
SystemPluginDir  $ARMCADVISOR_PLUGINS_SYSTEM_PLUGIN_DIR Location of system-wide plug-ins, available to all users  /etc/armcadvisor/plugins
UserPluginDir  $ARMCADVISOR_PLUGINS_USER_PLUGIN_DIR  Location of user-specified plug-ins  /home/<user>/.armcadvisor/plugins
ShowProgress  $ARMCADVISOR_PLUGINS_SHOW_PROGRESS Show the percentage complete of a plug-in as it runs  false


 $ARMCADVISOR_PLUGINS_PROGRESS_INCREMENT Amount (%) of progress to complete before the next progress message is reported.  10
PluginDiscoveryTimeoutSeconds  $ARMCADVISOR_PLUGINS_PLUGIN_DISCOVERY_TIMEOUT_SECONDS Length of time Code Advisor waits before a plug-in is considered to have crashed  10ns
DisabledPlugins  $ARMCADVISOR_PLUGINS_DISABLED_PLUGINS Disables the list of plugins provided Not set
WarnDisabledArm  $ARMCADVISOR_PLUGINS_WARN_DISABLED_ARM Issue a warning if Arm built-in plug-ins are disabled  true