Arm Forge Release History

This page describes the changes between releases of Arm Forge.

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Arm Forge

Version Allinea Forge 5.1

Released: August 11, 2015

What's new in Allinea Forge 5.1

Allinea Forge 5.1 covers the following releases:

  • Allinea Forge 5.1.0

Release Note for Release History Allinea Forge 5.1

Changes since Allinea Forge 5.1:

  • 5.1-45317: Fix bug that caused DDT to forget breakpoints when tracepoints are loaded from a *.dbf file.
  • 5.1-45173: Facilitate stopping at MPI_Init when the call is in a dynamic library that is opened with dlopen() by using the MPI_INIT and MPI_INIT_PENDING environment variables.
  • 5.1-45057: Fix bug that caused MAP to interfere with programs that passed 64 bit file offsets or counts to certain MPI functions.
  • 5.1-45035: Fix bug that prevented restoring breakpoints, expressions etc. from a previous session on CRAY.
  • 5.1-44970: Improve performance of MAP's analysis phase. - Fix bug that caused some MPI methods to fail under MAP when passed a NULL pointer from Fortran. - Fix bug that caused MAP to incorrectly process some functions when they were passed MPI_IN_PLACE. - Fix bug that caused MAP to wrap MPI_Wait incorrectly. - Fix bug that caused MAP to wrap MPI_File_iwrite_shared incorrectly. - Fix bug that caused MPI_Status parameters to be incorrectly handled by the wrapper.
  • 5.1-44795: Fix bug that caused one process per node to run much slower and to increase the job wallclock time in MAP (because pmi_proxy was running at 100%).
  • 5.1-44403: Add environment variable (ALLINEA_REVERSE_CONNECT_DIR) for specifying shared directory used by reverse connect feature. - Fix problem debugging single character Fortran variables compiled with ifort.
  • 5.1-44291: Fix failure on 5.1 remote client compatibility.
  • 5.1-44229: Fix failure to launch CUDA jobs when auto-detection fails.
  • 5.1-44076: Fix failure to launch CUDA jobs when using SLURM(MPMD).
  • 5.1-44122: Fix bug in GDB where VDSO was not correctly read.
  • 5.1-43967: Fix logging when using Reverse Connect. - Fix topology file bug that could cause a startup failure. - Fix problems evaluating Fortran modules when memory debugging enabled. - Fix MPI wrapper for Fortran MPI_File_* functions. - Improve thread sparkline performance.
  • 5.1-43857: Fix failure to add a watchpoint on an element of a Fortran allocatable array. - Fix problem with obtaining bounds of Fortran allocable array in debugger for gfortran generated code
  • 5.1-43812: Fix issue launching IntelMPI jobs via Slurm. - Fix back-end debugger selection when the MPI_COMPILER environment variable is set.
  • 5.1-43629: Fix MAP functions view not displaying total time. - Fix logbook only working on first session per launch of Forge. - Fix for source code browse button to show directory based on configuration.
  • 5.1-43607: Give the mpirun specified by the ALLINEA_MPIRUN environment variable precedence over any mpirun in the path. - Fix stack limit bug, causing "Thread creation error: Resource temporarily unavailable" messages.
  • 5.1-43373: Fix timeout on some network configurations, caused by the backend not trying all known addresses when connecting to the frontend.

Changes for Allinea Forge 5.1:

  • Debugging and profiling support for RHEL 7 x86_64. Debugging and profiling support for SLES 12 x86_64. Debugging support for 64-bit ARM platforms (aarch64). Debugging support for 64-bit POWER platforms using the PPC64le/ELFv2 ABI (ppc64le). CUDA 5.5 support has been removed. PGI 13.x is no longer a tested combination.
  • Reverse Connect allows connecting back to the user interface from a queue script or interactive allocation making Forge easy to use with your existing queue scripts.
  • Energy metrics added to Allinea MAP (requires Energy Pack add-on).
  • MAP profiling may be restricted to a given portion of the program's run time.
  • Horizontal and vertical zoom added to the MAP metric views.
  • .map files store the first and last few lines of program output.
  • Removed SSH requirement for using Express Launch with MPICH 2 and 3 and Intel MPI.
  • Unresponsive remote connections are reaped when a new one is made in order to free up licence tokens used by dropped connections.