Arm Forge Release History

This page describes the changes between releases of Arm Forge.

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Arm Forge

Version Allinea Forge 7.1

Released: September 28, 2017

What's new in Allinea Forge 7.1

Allinea Forge 7.1 covers the following releases:

  • Allinea Forge 7.1.0

Release Note for Release History Allinea Forge 7.1

Changes for Allinea Forge 7.1:

  • Filter memory usage and leaks by memory kind (e.g. HBM, DRAM).
  • Python support, including mixed C/Fortran/Python debugging. A limited subset of features are available in Python code at this time.
  • Added IBM Spectrum MPI support.
  • Forward/back source navigation buttons.
  • Improved std::unordered_set and std::unordered_map support.
  • Enabled hardware watchpoints for C++ reference types.
  • Optionally profile only a subset of all ranks in a job.
  • Add GPU kernel profiling. A new view shows how much time is spent in each GPU kernel.
  • Add GPU PC sampling. Enable CUDA PC sampling to see stalls by source line and over time.
  • Extend Custom metrics to allow out-of-band data to be included when a job ends.
  • Add Arm CPU performance counter metrics.
  • Allow enabling and disabling of metrics on the command-line.
  • I/O read/write calls per second metric.
  • Optimize UPC auto-detection.
  • Avoid performing Fortran 77 static code analysis on Fortran 90 codes.
  • Fix issue with editing remote host configuration.
  • Fix issue with usage statistics for Intel KNL high bandwidth memory debugging.
  • Fix display refresh issue on OS X after zooming in the metrics view.
  • Fix profiling scalar programs when using zsh login shell.