Compile and test the examples

The examples directory contains the following:

  • A GNUmakefile to build and execute all of the example programs.
  • A number of different C examples, *.c.
  • A number of different Fortran examples, *.f90.
  • Expected output for each example, *.expected.

The makefile compiles and runs each example, and compares the generated output to the expected output. Any differences are flagged as errors.

To compile the examples and run the tests, use the following command:


The makefile that uses Arm Compiler for Linux produces output similar to the following sample:

Compiling program armplinfo.f90:
armflang -c armplinfo.f90 -o armplinfo.o -armpl
Linking program armplinfo.exe:
gfortran -armplinfo.o -o armplinfo.exe -armpl -mcpu=thunderx2t99 -lm
Running program armplinfo.exe: 
(export LD_LIBRARY_PATH='/opt/arm/armpl-19.3.0_Generic-AArch64_SUSE-12_aarch64-linux/lib:'; ./armplinfo.exe > armplinfo.res 2>&1) 
ARMPL (ARM Performance Libraries) 


Testing: no example difference files were generated.
Test passed OK
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