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Arm Performance Reports

Version Allinea Performance Reports 5.0

Released: January 27, 2015

What's new in Allinea Performance Reports 5.0

Allinea Performance Reports 5.0 covers the following releases:

  • Allinea Performance Reports 5.0.0  
  • Allinea Performance Reports 5.0.1

Release Note for Release History Allinea Performance Reports 5.0

Changes since Performance Reports 5.0.1:

  • 5.0.1-43279: Fix "did not reach MPIR_Breakpoint within 10000 events" bug.
  • 5.0.1-43160: Fix rare crash in GDB (htab_find <- find_subfile ...).
  • 5.0.1-42607: Fix intermittent startup failure on Cray X-series and Bluegene systems.
  • 5.0.1-42253: Fix failure to obtain I/O metrics. - Fix sampler stopping on a process in MPI only code. - Fix physical core utilization bar being stuck at 100%.
  • 5.0.1-42034: Fix GDB-762 segfault on Fedora-19.
  • 5.0.1-41963: Avoid terminating PlatformMPI's mpirun with SIGTERM when ending a session as this may result in the termination of the enclosing queue submission script.
  • 5.0.1-41883: Fix rare crash in GDB when looking up an undefined symbol.
  • 5.0.1-41707: Allow floating licences to specify the ports available for use by Allinea Performance Reports.

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 5.0.1:

  • Involuntary Context Switches metric replaced with System Load.
  • Platform MPI support.
  • CUDA metrics for Allinea MAP and Allinea Performance Reports.

Changes since Performance Reports 5.0:

  • 5.0-41541: Fix profiler library 'allinea_type_size' linker error.
  • 5.0-41375: Prevent abort in the MPI wrapper in functions with arguments of type MPI_Datatype when given the value MPI_DATATYPE_NULL.
  • 5.0-40982: Prevent GDB getting into an infinite loop when a class has a class-scope member of its own type and the base class also has such a member with the same name.
  • 5.0-40932: Fix detection of when sampler library has been statically linked to target executable.

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 5.0:

  • Support for multiple threads. OpenMP section added to reports.
  • Replaced make-map-*-libraries and make-profiler-*-libraries scripts with a single make-profiler-libraries script.
  • Support for SGI MPT and SLURM.