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Arm Performance Reports

Version Allinea Performance Reports 7.0

Released: January 26, 2017

What's new in Allinea Performance Reports 7.0

Allinea Performance Reports 7.0 covers the following releases:

  • Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.0
    • Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.1
    • Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.2
    • Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.3
    • Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.4
    • Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.5
    • Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.6

Release Note for Release History Allinea Performance Reports 7.0

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.6:

  • Updated recommended Intel compiler flags (user guide section E6).
  • Fixed a bug affecting --stop-after on some SLES 11 systems.

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.5:

  • Fix a conflict with the Cray C++ STL library when using static linking.

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.4:

  • Fix an issue with dlsym under IBM Spectrum MPI that affected profiling of hybrid MPI+OpenMP codes.

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.3:

  • Improve ANSYS Fluent support.
  • Fix issue with the custom metrics example.

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.2:

  • New I/O functions tracked: pread_nocancel and pwrite_nocancel.
  • Add auto-detection support for PlatformMPI
  • Add MP_IN_PLACE and MPI_BOTTOM support to SGI MPT wrappers.

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 7.0.1:

  • Call allinea_plugin_cleanup in custom metrics at the end of a profiling job.
  • Make a "onePerNode" attribute available for custom metrics that should only collect one process of each node.

Changes for Allinea Performance Reports 7.0:

  • Custom Metrics for Performance Reports - add your own custom site- or application-specific metrics to Performance Reports.
  • Add Lustre metadata metrics to the Advanced Metrics Pack add-on.
  • Allow profiling of programs that use MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE and MPI_THREAD_SERIALIZED (MPI calls tracked on main thread only).
  • Provide module files to simplify static and dynamic linking of the Allinea profiler libraries on the Cray (in share/modules/cray).
  • Performance Reports can now be generated in JSON format for use with continuous integration and regression testing systems.
  • Categorise OpenACC-CUDA functions as GPU functions.