Work efficiently and effectively with Arm's worldwide support team

Our team of highly qualified Arm experts are there for advice and debug assistance to support you in using Arm's suite of High Performance Computing (HPC) tools.

Arm support

Customers benefit from our support service being:

Unrestricted: Unlimited case numbers.
Accessible: get direct access to highly qualified expert application engineers with extensive and unmatched Arm support experience, based in all the main global Arm design centers.
Comprehensive: available for all products and all design stages.
Responsive: round the clock global support with timely updates throughout the case through to resolution.
Flexible: multiple engagement methods through secure online case submission, management tool and emails – keep track of work on your support cases 24/5.
Progressive: customer suggestions for improvements fed back into product development.
Highly rated by customers: consistently high customer satisfaction score (87%-92%).
More resources: access to premium Knowledge Base of known issues and solutions.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are frequently impressed with our support service:

“Excellent service”
“Very fast replying to my doubts. Wonderful”
“Excellent customer service and quick resolution of my problem.”
“Cheers for the help.”
“Perfect service”
“My problem was solved within 48h!”
“Quick and helpful answer.”