Preview Arm Performance Reports

Preview releases provide early access to new features that will be included in the next major release of Arm Performance Reports. The latest preview release is version 19.1-preview1. This should be installed in a different directory to the Arm Forge package.

Release history

The latest preview release contains the following new features:

New features:

  • Support for Arm C/C++/Fortran Compiler up to version 19.1.
  • Architecture information is now stored to the generated .map file.

Bug fixes:

  • [FOR-6642] Improved unwinding for PGI-compiled binaries on Power systems.
  • [FOR-6659] Clarified information in the user guide about startup issues with OpenMPI 3.0 and 3.1.


  • Preview releases are not fully tested to production quality. Because of this, they are for evaluation purposes only and are not recommended to be used in a production environment.
  • Limited support is provided for preview releases. Please contact Arm support.
  • Features in preview releases are liable to change prior to stable releases. No backwards compatibility can be assured for profiles generated with preview releases.

If the preview release is unsuitable for your requirements, please download the latest released version instead.

Download the preview release of Arm Performance Reports

Platform Operating System/Distribution Version
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)

7.4+ 64-bit (Arm)
7.2+ 64-bit (POWER little-endian)
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 15+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
12+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
11+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)

15+ 64-bit (Arm)
12+ 64-bit (Arm)
Ubuntu 16.04+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
14.04+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)

16.04+ 64-bit (Arm)
Cray X-series SLES 15 (AMD/Intel)
SLES 12 (AMD/Intel)
SLES 11 (AMD/Intel)

SLES 15 (Arm)
SLES 12 (Arm)


  • Centos, Fedora, Scientific Linux and Ubuntu should use a Red Hat Enterprise Linux build.
  • Gentoo and OpenSuSE should use a SuSE Enterprise Linux Server build.

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