Build OpenFOAM

To preconfigure your environment for building OpenFOAM with Arm Compiler for HPC:

  1. To use a pre-built Boost library, set boost_version and BOOST_ARCH_PATH in $BUILD_DIR/OpenFOAM-v1812/etc/
    For example:

    export CGAL_ARCH_PATH=$WM_THIRD_PARTY_DIR/platforms/$WM_ARCH$WM_COMPILER/$cgal_version

    $BOOST_ROOT is the location of the Boost installation.

    For details on building Boost with the Arm toolchain, see the Arm Boost porting guide.

  2. Optionally, check the system readiness.

    $ foamSystemCheck
  3. Change to the main OpenFOAM directory with cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR, using the foam alias:

    $ foam
    This only works if the build environment is set correctly. To set the build environment correctly, follow the steps in the User Configuration section.
  4. Compile OpenFOAM using all available processors (-j), with reduced output (-s), and log the output (-l) to a file so that you can examine compilation issues later.

    $ ./Allwmake -j -s -l
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