1. Download and unpack the library source.

    wget -O scalapack-2.0.2.tgz
    tar -zxvf scalapack-2.0.2.tgz
    cd scalapack-2.0.2
  2. Make a copy of, and rename it as

    Note: ScaLAPACK requires a file which is tuned for the target machine, and is based on the example that is included in the distribution.
  3. Modify the file for the Arm HPC compiler and Arm Performance Libraries as follows:

    Set trailing underscores for calling Fortran subroutines from C:

    CDEFS = -DAdd_ 

    Set the C and Fortran flags:

    FCFLAGS = ‑O3‑mcpu=native
    CCFLAGS = ‑O3‑mcpu=native ‑fsimdmath

    Link to the ArmPL libraries for BLAS and LAPACK calls by removing the definitions of BLASLIB and LAPACKLIB, and setting LIBS:

    LIBS = $(ARMPL_DIR)/lib/
    • ARMPL_DIR is the location of the ArmPL installation. For example:
    • These linking instructions build for 32-bit integers. To build for 64-bit integers, instead of linking against, link against
  4. Build the ScaLAPACK library:

    make lib
  5. Copy the libscalapack.a static library, created by the make lib command, to your preferred installation directory.

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