CONUS 12km test

  1. Copy the existing run directory to a new location, for example:
  2. cp -r run run_CONUS
    cd run_CONUS
  3. Download a CONUS (Contiguous US) test deck and data files from UCAR:
  4. wget -O example.txt
    wget -O namelist.input
    wget -O rsl.out.0000
    wget -O wrfbdy_d01
    wget -O wrfrst_d01_2001-10-24_09:00:00
    wget -O wrfout_d01_2001-10-24_12:00:00-REF
  5. Execute the test problem using the symlink to the WRF executable in the run_CONUS directory, for example:
  6. OMP_NUM_THREADS=4 mpirun -np 4 ./wrf.exe 
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