Arm C/C++ Compiler

Arm C/C++ Compiler is commercial compiler that is tailored for server, HPC, and scientific codes, with support for C/C++ and OpenMP standards. The compiler is built on the open source Clang front-end, and the LLVM‑based optimization and code generation back-end.

Arm C/C++ Compiler:

  • Is tuned for leading server-class Arm-based platforms, including Marvell ThunderX2, Fujitsu A64FX, and Arm Neoverse-N1 (including Amazon Graviton 2 and Ampere Altra).
  • Supports the modern C (17 and prior), C++ (17 and prior), and OpenMP (4.5 and prior) standards.
  • Can generate Scalable Vector Extension (SVE and SVE2) code.
  • Is supported on all leading Linux distributions: RHEL, SLES, and Ubuntu.
  • Is part of Arm Allinea Studio.

To use Arm C/C++ Compiler, you must have a license for Arm Allinea Studio:


User tasks

Port your applications to Arm

Arm provides two porting guides that describe how to port and optimize your applications for Arm (and Arm SVE), in the context of High Performance Computing (HPC):

Find community-ported applications

Application, mini-application, and benchmark porting recipes are available in the Arm GitLab repository.

The Arm GitLab repository is maintained by Arm, but it is community driven so anyone can join and contribute.

Arm GitLab repository

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