Optimized standard core math libraries for HPC applications on server-class, Arm-based platforms

Available as part of Arm Allinea Studio.

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BLAS, LAPACK, FFT and Math Routines

Arm Performance Libraries provide BLAS, LAPACK, FFT and standard math routines. The library routines, available via Fortran and C interfaces, include:

  • BLAS - Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (including XBLAS, the extended precision BLAS).
  • LAPACK - a comprehensive package of higher level linear algebra routines.
  • FFT - a set of Fast Fourier Transform routines for real and complex data.
  • Math Routines - Optimized exp, pow and log routines 

Built with OpenMP across many BLAS, LAPACK and FFT routines in order to maximize performance in multi-core environments.

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Q: How do I get access to Arm Performance Libraries?
Arm Performance Libraries is available as part of Arm Allinea Studio tools suite. To get started using the Arm Performance Libraries, see our Installation and Getting Started guides.

Q: Which Linux distributions are supported?
Arm Performance Libraries is available on leading Linux distributions including Ubuntu, RHEL and SUSE. See supported platforms for further information.

Q: Which Armv8-A SoCs are supported?
Arm Performance Libraries will work on any 64-bit Armv8-A SoC running Linux with specifically tuned libraries for the certain SoCs.  See supported platforms for further information.

Q: Is Arm Performance Libraries supported for Armv7-A?
No. Arm Performance Libraries is only supported on 64-bit Armv8-A processors.