Arm Performance Libraries is available in two variants: a license-controlled commercial variant that is available to Arm Allinea Studio users, and a free to use variant. This tutorial describes how to get started with the commercial variant. To learn about how to get started with the free to use variant, see the Get started with ArmPL (free variant) tutorial.

Arm Performance Libraries provide optimized standard core math libraries for high-performance computing applications on Arm processors. The library routines, which are available through both Fortran and C interfaces, include:

  • BLAS - Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (including XBLAS, the extended precision BLAS).
  • LAPACK 3.9.0 - a comprehensive package of higher level linear algebra routines.
  • FFT functions - a set of Fast Fourier Transform routines for real and complex data using the FFTW interface.
  • Sparse linear algebra.
  • libamath - a subset of libm, which is a set of optimized mathematical functions.
  • libastring - a subset of libc, which is a set of optimized string functions.

Arm Performance Libraries are built with OpenMP across many BLAS, LAPACK, FFT, and sparse routines in order to maximize your performance in multi-processor environments.