The latest release of Arm Compiler for Linux, supports the following:

Hardware platforms

Arm Compiler for Linux supports all 64-bit Armv8-A server-class hardware.

The tools are optimized for platforms based on the following processors in particular:

Linux distributions

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x and 8.x
  • CentOS 7.x and 8.x
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
  • Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04

Environment Module systems

Message Passing Interface (MPI)

For more information about supported standards, including language standards (C/C++/Fortran) and MPI standard features, see the Arm Fortran Compiler and Arm C/C++ Compiler reference guides.

Release Notes

For support information specific to a previous release of Arm Compiler for Linux (part of Arm Allinea Studio), see the release notes for that release on the Release History page.