Report OpenMP settings

Another useful environment variable to use when running OpenMP-enabled programs is OMP_DISPLAY_ENV. OMP_DISPLAY_ENV can be set to one of "true", "false" or "verbose". If OMP_DISPLAY_ENV=true is set, on startup your program displays the version of OpenMP along with the value for all of the OpenMP internal control variables (ICVs), which are affected by environment variables, such as those seen in this document, in addition to other factors.

Note: There might be a discrepancy between the value of your environment variables and ICVs reported at runtime because ICVs can be controlled in other ways.

If OMP_DISPLAY_ENV=verbose is set, the values of any implementation-specific variables are displayed in addition to the standard OpenMP ICVs.

If OMP_DISPLAY_ENV=false or is undefined, no output is produced.

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