Debug, profile, and analyze the most scalable applications

Write and port your code onto next generation processors accurately and efficiently. Arm Forge combines Arm DDT, the leading debugger for time-saving high performance application debugging, Arm MAP, the trusted performance profiler for invaluable optimization advice, and Arm Performance Reports to help you understand the performance of HPC application runs.

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Q: Which platforms are supported?
Arm Forge is cross-platform and can run on your laptop, the latest supercomputer, and tomorrow's upcoming architectures. It supports 64-bit Arm, Intel® Xeon, Intel® Xeon Phi™, NVIDIA CUDA, and OpenPOWER.  For a full list of supported platforms, see our supported platform topics for Arm DDTArm MAP, and Arm Performance Reports.

Q: What software does Arm Forge support?
Arm Forge supports:

  • Single process and multi-threaded software.
  • OpenMP and MPI software (and hybrid combinations of both).
  • Multi-process software of any form (including client-server applications).
  • Heterogeneous software, such as that written to use GPUs.

Q: Where can I find the release changelog?
See our Release History pages to discover what's new with each new version of the Arm DDT, Arm MAP, and Arm Performance Reports.

Q: Can I get information on the debugger features?
Yes, see debugger features and benefits here.

Q: Can I get information on the profiler features?
Yes, see profiler features and benefits here.

Q: Can I get information on the analyzer features?
Yes, see performance analyzer features and benefits here.

Q: Can I trial Arm Forge?
Yes, take a trial.

Q: How can I raise an issue with Arm Forge?
Contact Arm Support with your request and we will get in touch.

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Get in touch if you have questions, doubts, or want to raise an issue. The vast majority of requests are answered within a single working day.

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