Download Arm Licence Server 20.1.3

Use the table below to download the latest version of Arm Licence Server for your server and HPC toolchain.

You will need a valid license to run Arm Forge tools.

Get a license

For more information, see Setting up the Licence Server.


If you have a current support contract, all upgrades are free - just download the latest version and install it alongside your current version.

Licence Server Downloads

Choose the appropriate version of Licence Server from the following table.

Platform Operating System/Distribution Version
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 (and later) 64-bit (Arm)
7.6 (and later) 64-bit (Arm)

8.0 (and later) 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
7.0 (and later) 64-bit (AMD/Intel)

7.2 (and later) 64-bit (POWER little-endian)
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.0 (and later) 64-bit (Arm)
12.3 (and later) 64-bit (Arm)

15.0 (and later) 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
12.0 (and later) 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
Ubuntu 18.04 (and later) 64-bit (Arm)
16.04 (and later) 64-bit (Arm)

18.04 (and later) 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
16.04 (and later) 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
Cray X-Series SLES 15.0 (and later) 64-bit (Arm)
SLES 12.3 (and later) 64-bit (Arm)

SLES 15.0 (and later) 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
SLES 12.0 (and later) 64-bit (AMD/Intel)

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