Library selection

To instruct your compiler to load the optimum version of Arm Performance Libraries for your target architecture and implementation, you can use -larmpl  option.

Supported options and arguments are:

GCC flag
 -DINTEGER32 (Compile)
 -larmpl_lp64 (Link)
Use 32-bit integers.
 -DINTEGER64 (Compile)
 -larmpl_ilp64 (Link)
Use 64-bit integers.
 -larmpl_lp64 Use the single-threaded library.
 -larmpl_lp64_mp Use the OpenMP multi-threaded

Linking against static libraries

The Arm Performance Libraries are supplied in both static and shareable versions, libarmpl_lp64.a and By default, the commands given above link to the shareable version of the library,, if that version exists in the specified directory.

To force linking to the static library, add the  -static option.

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