Install your downloaded packages

Learn how to prepare your environment, then follow the installation instructions to help you install your downloaded Arm packages.

Visit the Downloads page to get your software packages.

Arm Compiler for Linux

Install Arm C/C++/Fortran Compiler and Arm Performance Libraries.


Arm Forge

Install Arm Forge (Arm DDT, Arm MAP, and Arm Performance Reports) using a graphical or text-based installer.


Environment Configuration

Learn how to configure your Linux environment.


Supported Platforms

See which platforms and operating systems are supported by Arm HPC software tools.

Supported platforms


You must have a valid license to run the Arm server and HPC software tools. Learn more about product licensing, get a trial license, or buy a license.


A stack of servers.

Arm Licence Server

If you have a floating license for any of the Arm tools, you must also download and install Arm Licence Server.

For more information, see Arm Licence Server.

Set up the remote client for Arm Forge users

If your users require the Arm Forge Remote Client on Windows, learn how to download the installation package and configure the  PuTTY SSH client to authenticate the user.

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Technical support

Request technical support from the Arm support team.

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