Building Boost with Arm Compiler 

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  1. Download and unpack the application:

    mkdir Boost
    cd Boost

    tar -xf boost_1_69_0.tar.gz
  2. Change into the unpacked directory:

    cd ./boost_1_69_0
  3. Set a Boost root directory for the installation using $BOOST_ROOT:

    export BOOST_ROOT=/path/to/Boost_install 

    Replace /path/to/Boost_install with the path to your installation.

  4. Boost supports the clang toolchain. In order to build with armclang, first build the 'b2' Boost build system with gcc. Run the script choosing 'gcc' as the toolset, and specify the install location:

    ./ --with-toolset=gcc --prefix=$BOOST_ROOT/install --with-libraries=all
  5. Create a custom config file to use mpi and call armclang in place of clang:

    touch user-config.jam 
    echo "using clang : arm64 : armclang ;" > user-config.jam
    echo "using mpi ;" >> user-config.jam
  6. Build and install the application:

    ./b2 install --prefix=$BOOST_ROOT/install toolset=clang --user-config=./user-config.jam
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