Arm Licence Server serves licenses to the logged-in users of a supercomputer or computing cluster.

If you have purchased a floating license for either Arm Forge or Arm Allinea Studio, you need to install Arm Licence Server before you can use the license with the software tools.

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Before enabling user access to the Arm Forge or Arm Allinea Studio tools, download, install, and setup Arm Licence Server. To learn how to install and setup Arm Licence Server, see the documentation:

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Release history

Note: Arm Licence Server 21.1 is the current version of Arm Licence Server.

Arm Licence Server 21.1 covers the following releases:

  • Arm Licence Server 21.1 - Released 30th September, 2021

Additions and changes


  • None in this release.


  • Deprecated support for SysVinit Arm Licence Server initialization script, allinea_licensing_init.


  • Licence Server for Linux is now distributed as a single package per architecture.


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