Arm tools are used by 70% of the top 20 supercomputer users worldwide to quickly understand application performance and achieve faster results from their debug, profiling, and optimization efforts.

Arm architecture users

Arm Allinea Studio is our solution to HPC on Arm. It contains:

  • Arm Compiler for Linux:
    • Arm C/C++ Compiler
    • Arm Fortran Compiler
    • Arm Performance Libraries
  • Arm Forge

Arm Compiler for Linux enables you to generate code
for Arm platforms, and Arm Forge enables you to
debug, profile, and analyze this code.


Cross-platform users

Use Arm Forge to performance engineer for any server.

Arm Forge combines:

  • A parallel debugger (Arm DDT)
  • A profiler (Arm MAP)
  • A reporting tool (Performance Reports) for developing and optimizing code.

It also enables you to analyze I/O, CPU, Lustre, energy, and regionally profile with Caliper.