Orange and Blue lines on circuit board.

Simulation models let you develop software for Arm IP even when you don't have access to hardware. They provide a great way to start bare metal or OS-hosted software development for Arm, removing the bottleneck of starting software design only after physical targets are available. Engineers can get started programming the latest Arm IP at the earliest possible stage, shortening the software development cycle.

Simulation models are developed and tested alongside Arm IP, providing highly accurate and validated virtual prototypes for software development.

Cycle Models 

100% cycle accurate models of Arm IP, compiled directly from RTL.

Prove designs before manufacture.

Develop bare metal software early.

Accelerate system-level debugging.

Fast Models

Fast and functionally accurate programmer’s view models of Arm IP.

Pre-hardware software development

Integrates with 3rd party IP models

Fixed Virtual Platforms

Ready-to-use, fast & functionally accurate simulation models.

Pre-configured virtual prototypes

Easy to deploy and scale

Fully debuggable and automatable

AMBA TLM Library

AMBA Transaction-Level Modeling library.

Model approximately-timed and cycle accurate ports

C++ pre-compiled binary library

The power of virtual prototyping: From SoC design to software development

Software-based methodologies involving virtual prototypes are helping to prove out designs earlier and enable companies to parallelize hardware and software development.

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