Select IP with confidence

To realize and maximize the benefits of developing a custom SoC, selecting the optimum IP and IP configuration is essential. The Arm Flexible Access Model package gives SoC architects the data that they need to decide what Arm IP and IP configuration to choose for their next project.

Compare IP with ease

Arm Flexible Access Models are virtual representations of Arm IP-based systems. Each system has two representations, one based on Arm Cycle Models and the other based on Arm Fast Models. The Fast Models system enables you to quickly develop and debug software. The Cycle Models system enables accurate IP selection decisions.

Simulating these evaluation system models delivers 100% cycle-accurate metrics that detail Arm IP performance using well-known software benchmarks. Arm Flexible Access Models allow you to analyze the performance impact of changing cache size or other parameters, which will increase your confidence when making design choices.

The GUI that is provided with Arm Flexible Access Models delivers powerful IP comparison insights in an easily digestible format. The GUI includes an option to run simulations from the command line.

To compare different IP and IP parameters with the GUI:

Start designing now

Arm Flexible Access gives you quick and easy access to IP, relevant tools and models, and valuable support. You can evaluate and design solutions before committing to production, and only pay when you are ready to manufacture.


Select the software and IP configuration that you want to simulate. A matrix showing the selected software and IP will dynamically appear.

If wanted, custom software can be added and selected, too.


Start the simulation and the results and queued simulations will appear in the results window.


View a summary that compares all the simulations, then analyze the high-level summary and individual simulation reports. You can make direct comparisons of IP performance using different configurations that are detailed in the results