Arm CoreLink NIC-400 Optimization

This paper discusses the features of the Arm CoreLink NIC-400 and how to leverage Cycle Models to optimize this important IP with 100% accuracy.

Modeling Techniques Maximize Value of Virtual Platforms

In this technical white paper, Andy Ladd, Distribution Manager for Cycle Models at Arm, reviews:

  • How to identify the appropriate modeling methods for a Virtual Prototype based on task
  • Analyze different aspects of proper modeling techniques
  • How to effectively access or create models because modeling and support efforts consume the lion’s share of the costs for developing and supporting virtual platforms
  • The right modeling approach for software application developers, OS and driver developers, firmware engineers and architects
  • Interoperability and compatibility of models using standard interfaces like TLM-2.0

Cortex-A53 System Optimization

This 2014 Arm TechCon presentation discusses Performance Optimization of an Arm Cortex-A53 system using real software workloads and leveraging 100% accurate virtual models.

High Performance or Cycle Accuracy

This 2012 Arm TechCon presentation discusses:

  • Modeling 101 & Programmer's View (PV) Models
  • Cycle Accurate (CA) Models
  • Bringing the two modeling worlds together 
  • A customer example: partitioned speed and accuracy

Insights into Software Driven Power Analysis

In this 9 page whitepaper presented at Arm TechCon in 2010:

  • How Virtual Prototypes enable 100% accurate analysis that can be used to develop and optimize firmware before silicon
  • A methodology for power analysis instrumentation and analysis

Interconnect Optimization

This whitepaper explores various topics related to interconnect optimization including:

  • Throughput vs. latency trade-offs
  • Architectural exploration and optimization
  • Workload generation
  • Coherency effects

Optimize Cortex-A15 AMBA4 Design

This paper discusses:

  • How to create systems with the Arm Cortex-A15 and AMBA4 IP so that they are not over or under designed ensuring the architecture meets power and area requirements
  • How to create systems which are able to execute both single and multi-threaded workloads efficiently, and provide hardware-based support for virtualization and coherency
  • How virtual prototypes can be utilized to quickly construct and analyze candidate system configurations

Swap & Play

In this white paper, Arm's Director of Models Technology, Bill Neifert, and Technical Specialist, Rob Kaye, collaborate to discuss a practical approach to building virtual platforms that enables fast context switching between loosely timed (LT) models and cycle accurate (CA) models. Topics in this white paper include:

  • Meeting today's mobile SoC design and verification challenges
  • Loosely Timed (Programmer's View) Models
  • Performance View (PV) Requirements
  • Cycle Accurate Models
  • Integrated Platforms with CA and PV models
  • An example application of the CA/PV integrated platform and results

Case Studies

Fuji-Xerox Case Study

In this 27 page Japanese language article you will learn the techniques used by Fuji Xerox to optimize their SOC design using a virtual prototype.

LG Case Study

In this 28 page presentation you will learn the techniques used by LG to optimize their SoC design using a virtual prototype.

Samsung Case Study

In this 6 page article you will learn:

  • How a virtual prototype platform was used to analyze a hybrid hard disk system
  • The importance of timing in model strategy including RTL, external subsystem models etc.
  • How the virtual prototype system helped improve design performance by more than 50%