Cortex-A5 Fast Models make performance analysis easy and provide a platform for software development. 

Fast Model for Cortex-A5 DesignStart

The Cortex-A5 Fast Model for DesignStart is delivered as a self-contained virtual platform (FVP) ready to run on Windows or Linux workstations. To complement the FVP there is a complete reference software stack, enabling partners to rapidly become productive in developing software for DesignStart.

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Cycle Model for Cortex-A5 DesignStart

Aligned Cycle Model and Fast Model systems enable software portability between fast, functional simulation and cycle accurate simulation, simplifying performance analysis.

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Cortex-A5 DesignStart

Arm DesignStart is enhancing the Cortex-A5 package to help custom chip designers to expand market opportunities and develop richer experiences. The new package helps to reduce the development time of Arm-based Linux-capable chips. Designers can now take advantage of the fast simulation models of the CPU with a pre-validated, configurable reference (subsystem) design to reduce device complexity and speed-up software development.

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