Cortex-M3 Cycle Models make performance analysis easy and provide a platform for software development.

Why use Cycle Models for DesignStart?

Cycle Models for DesignStart are an abridged version of the standard Cycle Model product, and are suitable for design analysis in an RTL simulation environment. Instant, free access to the Arm Cortex-M3 DesignStart Cycle Models provide a fast, functional and cycle accurate platform for confidently making architectural decisions, optimizing performance, and developing bare metal software.

Full Tarmac trace

The Cortex-M3 DesignStart Cycle Model also supports Tarmac trace which contains all instructions executed, and register and memory transactions. Tarmac and top-level waveform data provide 100% accurate timing information, enabling extra visibility into the state of the system.

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Full Cortex-M3
Cycle Model

Cortex-M3 Cycle Model
for DesignStart

Cortex-M3 RTL

Cycle accurate model of Cortex-M3
Yes Yes N/A
Tarmac trace
Yes Yes  
Can be used inside RTL simulator
Yes Yes Yes
Can be used within a modelling environment outside an RTL simulator
Yes   N/A
Reconfigurable via online portal
Instrumentation for debug and performance analysis
Performance analysis kits (CPAKs)
Time Limit
Indefinite 1 year* Indefinite
*Cycle Models for DesignStart come with a 1 year free-of-charge license which can be converted to a full Cycle Model license at any point.