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Fast Models Documentation

Arm documentation set for Fast Models, Model Debugger, and the CADI Debug API. These development tools enable you to improve software quality:

  • Fast Models is an environment with a collection of models of Arm processors and peripherals for software development, debugging, and analysis.
  • Model Debugger enables debugging of the source code of the models and of the Arm code in software running on models.
  • The CADI Debug API is the system model interface that Model Debugger and other Arm debuggers use. You can use this interface in third-party debuggers to control applications running on models.

Document Number Document Title Description
100965 Fast Models User Guide This is the guide to building and using Fast Models. It describes System Canvas, a GUI tool that enables you to build and manage model systems using Fast Models components. It also contains tutorials for Fast Models features including Graphics Acceleration and Timing Annotation.
100964 Fast Models Reference Manual Provides reference information for Fast Models components and plug-ins.
101196 Iris Developer Guide Describes the Iris interface for debug and trace on Fast Models and other targets. Iris defines a generic function call mechanism, an object model, and a set of concrete functions for debug and trace.
101421 Iris Python Debug Scripting User Guide Describes the iris.debug Python module. iris.debug is a Python scripting interface to Fast Models which uses Iris as its backend. It allows you to interact with models, including connecting to and configuring them, performing execution control, and accessing registers and memory.
101319 IrisSupportLib Reference Manual Provides API reference documentation for IrisSupportLib. It was generated from the source code using Doxygen.
DUI0819 Fast Models Model Trace Interface Reference Manual Provides doxygen-generated reference information for the header files, classes, and methods in the Model Trace Plugin Interface. This interface allows you to develop trace plugins for Fast Models and to query the available trace plugins at runtime.
100963 Component Architecture Debug Interface v2.0 Developer Guide Describes the class hierarchy and programming interfaces for version 2.0 of the Component Architecture Debug Interface (CADI). It is intended for users writing applications and debug tools that use the CADI interface.
100968 Model Debugger for Fast Models User Guide Describes how to use the Model Debugger GUI for CADI-compliant processor models. Generate them using either System Canvas or System Generator.
100962 AMBA-PV Extensions to TLM 2.0 Developer Guide Provides a specification of the classes and interfaces in the AMBA-PV Extensions to TLM 2.0.
DUI0847 AMBA-PV Extensions to TLM Reference Manual Provides doxygen-generated reference information for the classes and interfaces in the AMBA-PV Extensions to TLM 2.0.
101092 LISA+ Language for Fast Models Reference Manual Introduces the LISA+ language, which is used for writing models for components and systems. It describes communication with C++ code, and the LISA+ preprocessor.
100969 Model Shell for Fast Models Reference Manual Describes how to use Model Shell to configure and run Component Architecture Debug Interface (CADI)-compliant models. It provides a command-line reference for the tool and describes how to control its behavior by using configuration files.
DUI0851 Python Debug Scripting for Fast Models Reference Manual Describes how to use Python CADI Debug Scripting to debug applications that are running on a model. Python CADI Debug Scripting is no longer supported. Use Iris Python Debug Scripting instead.