Armv8-A Architecture Envelope Models (AEM)


Armv8-A Foundation AEM FVP

The Foundation Model is a free of charge Armv8-A Fixed Virtual Platform with a simple peripheral set. The Foundation Model is ideal for Linux application development.

Armv8-A Base RevC AEM FVP

The AEMv8-A Base Platform FVP is a free of charge Fixed Virtual Platform of the latest Arm v8-A architecture features and has been validated with compatible Open Source software, which can be found on the reference open source software stacks page along with instructions for running the software.

For a configurable architecture model, the Armv8-A or Armv8-M Architecture Envelope Models are available for purchase.

Armv8-A Compliance AEM FVP

The reference model used with the Arm Architecture Compliance Kit (ACK) for demonstrating compliance to the Arm architecture specification.

The AEM FVP enables the ACK tests to be run out of the box to confirm your test environment is properly established.

Generate an Architectural Trace on a test execution and then compare execution of the same test on the Architecture Envelope Model (AEM).

Need a configurable platform?

FVPs work great as fixed platform examples. If you need to modify the platform configuration, then you can use the Architecture Envelope Model (AEM) examples within Fast Models as a reference design.