Arm software product license management

Arm software products are license managed. 

When requesting a license for Arm software products, you need to consider:

  • Product editions - Some Arm products are available in different flavors and support different feature sets. Your toolkit and license determines which components and features may or may not be used.

  • License types - Arm license types define if your license will be a permanent license or a term license. A permanent license does not have an expiry date, a term license has a specific expiry date.

  • License schemes - Arm license schemes define if your license will be a node-locked license or a floating license. Node-locked licenses allow you to license Arm software for individual PCs. Floating licenses enable you to share a single license with multiple users.

  • Support & Maintenance (S&M) entitlements - Regardless of the type of the license you have purchased, your license is covered under an S&M entitlement commencing on the date of purchase. All new licenses include a period of support and maintenance, which entitles you to technical support, updates, and upgrade patches. You can still use your Arm software product if support and maintenance entitlement expires (permanent licenses only), but you cannot activate new updates or patches.

Select a product edition (if applicable for your product), license type, license scheme, and S&M entitlement that best meets your business requirements. Contact Arm or Arm resellers to discuss your requirements.

  • Licenses are assigned to a single legal entity. Contact your local sales representative if your license is to be shared by more than one legal entity.
  • The licensing scheme is selected when your product is purchased. If you want to change the licensing scheme, contact Arm License Support.