FlexNet licensing error -9: Invalid host

This host does not match the host ID in the license. 

This error message occurs when the host ID the license has been locked does not match that of the system.

Arm tools licenses are locked to a specific machine using a hostid. For node-locked licenses the hostid can be the disk serial number of the C drive on Windows, or the MAC address of an Ethernet adapter. The hostid in the license file must be visible on on your system at all times, otherwise the tools will not work.

There are several possible reasons why the hostid might not match:

  • Typing error while registering your serial number.
  • The hostid of the system has changed (For example, due to replacing the Ethernet adapter).
  • Trying to use the license file on a different machine.

To correct this, you will need to rehost the license to the correct hostid. Details of how to rehost your license are in the license rehosting FAQ.