FlexNet licensing error -96: License server machine is down or not responding

Unable to connect to the license server. Check that ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE is set correctly, and the license server is available. 


This error indicates that the tools could not connect to the license server. Common reasons for this are:

  • A networking fault, for example where the OS failed to look up the IP address for the license server hostname. Check that:

    • The correct port and hostname are specified in the ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.
    • There are no unnecessary trailing characters such as spaces.
    • The DNS lookup on your network is working correctly. Try using the ping command to confirm that the client can see the server on the network. Alternatively, try using the IP address of the server instead of the hostname.
  • The port used by armlmd might be blocked, possibly by a firewall. Check on the server which port is being used by the armlmd daemon and confirm that it is open on the server's firewall.